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Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th

Thursday the 9th
Our German teacher was not at school today, which meant that the whole class had to sit in a huge room for an hour and not talk. So that was fun. After that I had science/biology for the first time, which started out with a test that I was not prepared for, but I still believe that I at least passed it. All of the answers were on the front side and the questions were on the back side and they could easily be filled out with some common sense - either that or I completely failed the test. We didn't really do anything for the rest of the lesson but copy the answers to questions that another student had finished. Before we could go to lunch, all of the international students from our class went to see an English teacher that helps us out if anything is going wrong. The teacher had really good English and was extremely nice.

Alex wanted to get kebabs and I was on board, but when we got the the kebab place I changed my mind because they were expensive! I had brought a pb & j from home, so I just ate that. We arrived back at school like 30 minutes before class started so we hung out with everyone else on the terrace and I met some new people. After lunch, we had 3 hours of English. The first hour with one teacher and the last two with another. I had prepared a presentation about Villach and the Austrian school system for the first class and it took the whole lesson - it went pretty well and I got asked some intelligent questions.

School seems to get out at the most inconvenient times for me! A bus always leaves 5 minutes before I get out and 30 minutes later, so I have to wait alone for 30 minutes at the bus station, where there are no seats. Granted, it's not a huge inconvenience but it does annoy me enough to share here.

Friday the 10th
We had gym first period today and we had to take a bus to get there, and we proceeded to do nothing. We were supposed to do stepping but all we really did was get the steps out and sit on them for an hour before the teacher came over and did one routine with us. Completely pointless. We had 2 more classes before lunch, which we spent on the terrace again. We also had philosophy for the first time in the afternoon which was mildly interesting.

I took the bus to the store after school to get some greek yoghurt and almonds as I have been noticing that I have not been eating enough protein so I have decided to start my day out with some greek yoghurt with an orange and some almonds. So even if I don't have a particularly healthy day, I will have a good breakfast. I had also been planning to take the bus back, but I decided to get some exercise and I walked home. But on the way back this I got this overwhelming feeling and I had to walk away from our house. I walked for like an hour through a park and I had no idea where I was, but I needed to get away. I was listening to Joanne and wasn't thinking about anything, which I think was a good change for me.

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