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Day trip to Nîmes!

Wednesday the 22nd of February
I woke up pretty late today, because the train to Nîmes left at 12:30. I left the house at 11:45 though, because the train station was a good 30 minute walk away and I didn't want to miss my train - not the best walk, but I did find a line of maybe 100 millipedes (?) across the sidewalk. I got my ticket which was super overpriced and waited for the train. Nîmes wasn't actually super high on the list of towns to visit, but there are some Roman monuments that I thought that I should see.

I arrived at 1 and went straight to the Arena of Nîmes which is the best preserved Roman amphitheater. I got an audioguide and was there for a good hour! I learned many interesting tidbits, for example during gladiator fights, the loser did not always have to die, but usually stopped fighting due to fatigue or injuries - then the arena master decided if he had fought a worthy fight and was either killed by his opponent or left the arena alive.


After the Arena, I walked to the Tour Magne which used to be a watch tower. There was a very windy  (not windy, "why-ndy") and narrow staircase leading up to the top, but it was worth it for the amazing view!

I stopped and took a short break at the beautiful park nearby and planned out where I should eat - I decided on gourmet crêpes, but the restaurant was closed when I got there. I walked around aimlessly for like 10 minutes hoping to find a cheap good restaurant or something like that, but I was unsuccessful. I finally resorted to buying a sandwich and very crispy apple at the carrefour. But, I wanted to get something else too, I mean you can't not go to a French town and want to get something at a boulangerie, so I got a "palmier" which was delicious.

Then, there was only one more place that I had to visit and that was the Maison Carrée. I probably should have asked someone to take my picture there, but there were so many American tourists there I decided against it (I asked someone at every other place, so it's fine). It wasn't the most interesting things ever so I was fine with taking a picture and going to my train.

The train was 40 minutes late. That's how long it should have taken to get back to Saint-Martin-de-Crau! I was pretty tired by the time I arrived at the train station here, and I still had a 30 minute walk ahead of me - short story even shorter I got lost and the walk took about 50 minutes. "Amelia, why didn't you use Google Maps?" Thanks for that genius idea - I don't know my host grandma's address! I did see a cat in a field and the same millipedes as in the morning, so it was a successful walk. My host sister and host mom ate at her brothers house, so it was just my host grandma and I for dinner.


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