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Been dying to see this!

Monday the 20th of February
Oh my god we visited the Pont du Gard today!!! I have always wanted to see it and we have talked about it a bajillion times in history and Latin class in Villach, and I even did a presentation about it in French! If anyone doesn't know what the Pond du Gard is, it was a Roman aqueduct with 3 stories - and is the second tallest Roman construction still standing (275m). It transported water from Uzès to Nimes which is about 50km. It is amazing and it totally met my expectations! It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect - there was not a cloud in the sky.

The Pont du Gard was about a 45 minute drive from where my host mom's mom (my host grandma?) lives, but the view was nice. Very flat, but pretty. It is very strange to look out of a car or train and have no mountains. Anyway, there was almost no one there when we arrived which is the best thing about travelling in February. We took a few pictures before the tour started in front of the Pont and on it; we were only allowed to go on the first tier without a guide.

Then we meet up with the rest of the tour group which was maybe 10-15 people (3 of which were Americans - they always stick out). We took a very small and compact staircase up to the 3rd tier where the guide talked about the history of the aqueduct - very informative. Walking across the upper tier was hard, because it was a tunnel. The very top is covered and it is only 1.80 m tall, sometimes smaller. We got to take pictures of the view from there and there was a great place to take pics of the Pont du Gard not far from there. 


To finish up our trip, I found the perfect place in front of the Pont to take pictures.



  1. Wow, just Wow! Makes me so happy to read this and kinda seems like a classic Navarre family trip. Great pics! Love the history lesson.


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