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A very active day

Saturday the 11th of Febuary
I walked for 3 1/2 hours today! This morning, my host mom, dad, brother and I went to the market to get some fresh produce - we walked around for about an hour and got some lettuce, oranges, cow cheese, artichokes and a few avocados for my school lunches (I can't eat pb&j's everyday...). I love going to the market, there are so many different stands there selling different specialties like cheeses, olives and mushrooms - the atmosphere is great. 
We didn't go straight home, because we had to pick up the fresh bread at the boulangerie - obviously. I always feel very French when I hold baguettes. 

We arrived back home around 12, so we made lunch and ate together. We tried the cheeses, that we had bought - some firmer and some softer cow cheese. The firmer one had a much more intense flavor and the softer one was very creamy and mild - the latter of the two tasted much better to me probably because the first one smelt bad in my mouth, if that is even possible.

Since the weather had been so great at the market, we decided not to waste a day being cooped up in the house, so my host mom, sister and I drove to Lyon to go to the big park there and walk Loupy. We were there for a good 2 hours! We walked around the whole park which included a lake, a zoo and 2 wedding photoshoots. I had so much fun talking to my host mom and sister, today was one of my favorite days with them so far.

We were starting to get hungry and tired towards the end of our walk and I was craving macarons, so we decided to find a pâtisserie. We first went to a boulangerie that didn't sell macarons and had to walk about 5 minutes to a pâtisserie that did. This place was amazing. They had all different types of cakes and pastries, chocolates and meringues, éclairs and bugnes and so much more! It was heaven and to work there would be my dream job. I bought 16 macarons for the family for a reasonable price. I got to choose the flavors, so I got some chocolate, lemon, 2 types of strawberry and chocolate mint. Everyone seemed to enjoy them (and so did I).

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  1. The joy in your day and treats is palpable - making me smile and so happy for you!

  2. What a fantastic day!! The little doggie is so cute!


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