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An important day

Sunday the 15th of January 10:43 AM
I am so tired.

Sunday the 15th of January 8:27 PM
Today was a very eventful day! I woke up kind of late and after I ate breakfast we (host mom, sister and brother) went to play field hockey with some of my host mom's friends. It is a strange sport if I do say so myself. The felid hockey sticks are very short, so you are constantly bending over to get the ball and there are many rules that you have to stick to. For example the ball has to be touching the ground at all times, and you can only use one side of the stick. Even though it was a strange experience I really enjoyed myself and I think bonded a little with my host brother and sister. We played two matches and then had something to eat - I haven't been very hungry for some reason, so I didn't eat much.

I came home with my host mom, because I was very tired and she was coming home anyway - then I went to sleep for like 3 hours and halfway through Vermicelle came in and slept with me. I then offered to take Loupy on a walk, and met my host sister outside so we walked her together around the neighborhood. We had a great talk about school and I understand the French school system a lot better now. They have 6 weeks of school and then 2 weeks off! I don't even get how that is possible, but I am fine with it.

When we got back we chatted on my bed for like an hour and I feel like we understand each other more and get along better. Then we ate, and the food was so good! We had fish, rice and green beans and boy am I happy that I was hungry! I then gave them the presents that I brought from Austria and the US (Kürbiskern pesto, Styrian mustard, apricot jam, Mannner, Zotter and Hershey's kisses). Then my host sister gave me a beautiful drawing! of a dandelion!

I think that today was a very important day for me. This morning I was telling myself that I was an idiot for thinking that I could stay here for 6 months, but now I am more excited than ever. Good night!

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